Sic itur ad astra. Ad Infinitum...


On the day of winter solstice, I went to the forest and made an offering... that single offering called for another and another, and yet another.
Finally a whole grid appeared on the southern slope of one Wise Mountain. A grid of geometrical structures, each was made with different intention, vibrating with different energies. And each was programmed to heal the land and to shift its vibration; it definitely does its work!
During the time spent in the forest, I could get to know the inhabitants of my surroundings, cause in almost every location I had spent couple of days. The birds started singing new songs, melodies I've never heard before, and these were the happy songs. The neighboring trees seemed glad too.
The old mountain was revealing to me its ancient secrets, and although I've spent 15 years living on the slope of that mountain, we've never been so close friends. Now I know her very well.
It's been really beautiful to have tree trunks as my desk, mossy, fragrant soil as a chair, the forest as a working studio... Just like before, while still alive, when these trees were absorbing the energies from the Cosmos and the Earth, and sharing with us all, now their cut trunks became altars, microcosmic mirrors for the Universe to reflect itself in, and emanate the Source energies. 
And my eyes have changed color.


ZaZaZoZo in Paradiso

These are some of the accessories I had made for ZaZaZoZo's show that had taken place a week ago in the Paradiso, Amsterdam
Model- Kamila z Lasu
 photos from the concert by Pieter Kers.


Burn it All

Me and my friend Mira, had said goodbye to the past year, spinning the thread that connects us all, these often invisible, magical threads linking all hearts. Burning all that needs to be transformed, through that great capacity we all possess- to turn darkness into light. Knowing that everything has its own cycle and happens in the right time, we let go of the past, allowing the new year to take us on yet another, beautiful, self remembering expedition around the Sun, leading always to the Heart.

model- Mira Rusin


THE GOLDEN LOTUS - Portatrait of a Remarkable Man

 Laurens is a very special person, emanating his inner peace, he creates amazing aura around himself.
This photo shoot was part of a healing ritual / opening of a new cycle for Laurens, done in collaboration with Janneke Raaphorst and Melanie Bonajo.


Dream Station- Space

 In search for Dutch wilderness (really not easy to encounter) on one september morning, a group of friends arrived in Vlieland - an island in the north of Netherlands. To raise the vibrations of  location of the music + art festival ''Into the Great Wide Open'' a sacred geometry dome was built, a sculpture  and happening ''Dream Station Space'', by Melanie Bonajo, who invited us to take part in it.
For a couple of days we've spent time healing the Earth, assisting people in awakening to beauty, unity and love that's the essence of everything. Just by our presence, by meditating, dancing, playing music, healing and the high energy frequency the dome possesses and emanates. The geometrical structure  assisted us and aid in radiating good energies. To make people even more happy, a trampoline was installed inside of it, but gravity didn't work there well anyways...
That dome - for me, became also one of the most amazing working studios, where the masks of the healers came into existence (with help of Joseph Marzolla).

The lovely people, because of all of this could happen, were: Melanie Bonajo, Janneke Raaphorst, Joseph Marzolla, Jasper Griepink and Boelle Zwanenburg, love them all!

Apart from that, Melanie's and Joseph's band ZAZAZOZO, had a concert on the festival and the rest of the gang put on crazy costumes, danced and made some magic on the stage...
The left  time on the island we've spent cycling through sand dunes, wandering through the night forests, swimming in the sea abundant in bio luminescent phytoplankton, shining like the starry sky...  And of course dancing and dancing more to some great music :)

PS. Two bottom pictures were taken post factum, 
the models are my beautiful sisters :) Kamila and Agata.