Uma Cobra Coral

 Just a bunch of photos from films i got developed recently, making me feel more and more saudáde...

The Life of a Flower

To celebrate last months´s full Moon, and thank the Earth for all i have received, i created this sacred geometry pattern, using the beautiful colors of Brazilian soil, rocks, and big crystal clusters, that were  found all around Chapada dos Veadeiros.
Drawing sacred geometry patterns on paper is already a deep spiritual experience, but making it while standing inside of it, and using powerful minerals, was really an intense meditative process.
I could feel energy shifting within me, and all around me, with each circle coming to life...
The animals felt it too, and so cats, dogs, hens  and other birds liked to come for a visit, or a nap.
Electrifying, fresh energy emanates from this formation, but having  a glass of wine there, is not the best idea, unless you really want to get tipsy after only few sips ;) 
EVERYTHING is enhanced there multiple times...




                                                                                              Marianne Soisalo

At the end of one of dirt roads around Alto Paraiso there is hidden, abandoned temple...
so magical and full of all kinds of energies...There Marianne and me had performed a ceremony in homage to all wise woman/man, shamans and healers.


LUZ DIVINA-Children of the White Rainbow II

When living with a heart wide open, welcoming each situation with trust and acceptance, all becomes so simple, because the truth is simple, and it's love. And every path you take, eventually will lead you there, just hear, see, feel, and know, it's all already here, within you.
After almost 3, most beautiful months of my life, i want to share all that beauty and love i feel, with everyone, each smallest particle of all creation, because the time is now, and there is nothing separating us from feeling of oneness anymore, let's reunite and rejoice!

These wonderful creatures here are-Mariana Maia, Sean Gabriel, Marianne Soisalo, Fabio Tassone,
(and Vanessa Moutinho in spirit).

                                     For the brightest star-Amy of daughterofthesun77.blogspot.com

The Ultimate Universal Union

                                         ''Behold the plant:
                                           It is the butterfly
                                           Fettered by the Earth.

                                           Behold the butterfly:
                                           It is the plant
                                           Freed by the Cosmos.''
                                                 R. Steiner


                                                                       Sean and Mari

These two humans are one of the most joyful souls I have encountered on my walks on Earth...
To hear Mari´s all-pervading laughter alone, is a feast to my heart, and i know that it penetrates all possible dimensions and heals all that needs to be healed there.Sean´s all soothing presence emanates light of angelic qualities, visible to every creature...together they shine so bright!
Before taking these photos we were talking about butterflies, and Sean´s bond with them, how they are  actually the cosmic sunlight interwoven with matter...and so how beautiful it was to have one of them coming to take part in this happening, and sitting on Sean's chest for a couple of minutes, it left me in tears of happiness...and another, little one, visited him afterwards...

Only a couple of days after taking these photos, and a whole month after our first meeting, i realized that i have been admiring Mari's travel blog for a long time, and always felt closeness with her, how amazing it is that the Universe connected us...
That's her beautiful blog, let yourself be taken on a marvelous journey...

The Spirit of Cerrado

                                                                                                   Marianne Soisalo

This wonderful lady has created so much beauty,all around herself-her inner beauty reflects  itself
in these earthly realms, she has that magic touch, and the gift of manifesting her  dreams into life.
She has also brought many of my dreams into existence, for which I am eternally grateful.


LUZ DIVINA-Children of the White Rainbow I

                       Marianne Soisalo, Mariana Maia, Sean Gabriel, Fabio Tassone