The Life of a Flower

To celebrate last months´s full Moon, and thank the Earth for all i have received, i created this sacred geometry pattern, using the beautiful colors of Brazilian soil, rocks, and big crystal clusters, that were  found all around Chapada dos Veadeiros.
Drawing sacred geometry patterns on paper is already a deep spiritual experience, but making it while standing inside of it, and using powerful minerals, was really an intense meditative process.
I could feel energy shifting within me, and all around me, with each circle coming to life...
The animals felt it too, and so cats, dogs, hens  and other birds liked to come for a visit, or a nap.
Electrifying, fresh energy emanates from this formation, but having  a glass of wine there, is not the best idea, unless you really want to get tipsy after only few sips ;) 
EVERYTHING is enhanced there multiple times...

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