HOODOO ∆ VOODOO- ZAZAZOZO in Collage Des Bernardines

What's been in preparations during the month of cherry blossoms in the City of Love... 

Last performance of ZAZAZOZO, in Collage des Bernardines, Paris, April 2nd, 2014.
Photographs by me and Jakub Cabalka

video by Jitka Halířová

Costumes by me and ZaZaZoZo

make-up by Melanie Bonajo
Performance by Melanie Bonajo & Joseph Marzolla 

Choregraphy by Luigia Riva

Performers: Simon Wald-Lasowski, Roberto Pérez, Kyky Trytry, Jasper Griepink, Julie Higonnet, Camille Gerbeau, Aimé Matoko, Alex June, Sandra Berrebi, Patricia Salen, Tom Lerville.


My very special thanks for their presence, help, love and support during these very hectic times to: Jasper Griepink, Roberto Pérez, Asako Lethelier, David Herman, Bianca Casady, Jean-Marc Ruellan, Romain Bernini, Caroline Niemant and the amazing Zazazozo!


  1. Your work is amazing. I love everything!

    1. Thank you! Your blog is very beautiful, thanks for sharing the ''Spirit Weavers'' images, much love!