Beware of the White Holes

When the cold wind blows really strong, hardly ever stops, the sun does not come for a long time, it feels like spring will never come,  I think of all strong Icelandic Woman of past. 
 Who by being  deeply connected to the Earth and elements that create both their and Earth's body, became as strong as fire, waters, winds, rocks...  
These elements are so powerful here, Earth shakes every day in a creative dance... its surface cracks so the light can come in and so the light from within can shine back at us,
every now and then you can stumble upon a White Hole too ;)

To them- all strong woman, I want to dedicate these photographs.

Here portrayed Bergþóra Einarsdóttir- a dancer, choreographer, mc, poet, acrobat, yogini, magician
 and a wonderful friend.

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