Sic itur ad astra. Ad Infinitum...


On the day of winter solstice, I went to the forest and made an offering... that single offering called for another and another, and yet another.
Finally a whole grid appeared on the southern slope of one Wise Mountain. A grid of geometrical structures, each was made with different intention, vibrating with different energies. And each was programmed to heal the land and to shift its vibration; it definitely does its work!
During the time spent in the forest, I could get to know the inhabitants of my surroundings, cause in almost every location I had spent couple of days. The birds started singing new songs, melodies I've never heard before, and these were the happy songs. The neighboring trees seemed glad too.
The old mountain was revealing to me its ancient secrets, and although I've spent 15 years living on the slope of that mountain, we've never been so close friends. Now I know her very well.
It's been really beautiful to have tree trunks as my desk, mossy, fragrant soil as a chair, the forest as a working studio... Just like before, while still alive, when these trees were absorbing the energies from the Cosmos and the Earth, and sharing with us all, now their cut trunks became altars, microcosmic mirrors for the Universe to reflect itself in, and emanate the Source energies. 
And my eyes have changed color.


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    1. Thank you! Yes, that forest is truly full of magic...

  2. Thank you for the land activations! So much beauty!

  3. Divine beauty, Karolina...thank you <3