There are many here who are earth angels. No doubt if you are reading this, you are one of them. Earth angels are no better than anyone else. They are not holier or more privileged or smarter. Infact, the opposite may be true. An earth angel is more than likely to be unobtrusive, quiet, shy, reserved and deeply sensitive. They may also be struggling and in much emotional pain at this time. What is unique about an earth angel is that there is an expanded part of their being that recalls or remembers so clearly what it was like to live in the Light. They still carry with them a light body illuminated with compassion, gentleness, caring, reverence, joy and oneness. And many are suffering here on earth. They are suffering because they don't know how to live here. They know full well they've chosen to come here. They even know their mission — to teach others about what they remember. But yet they still suffer. "How can I transmute such darkness?" they cry. "How can my single light make any difference?" "How can we do what we came here to do in a world gone mad?"
Many earth angels are feeling their missions are futile, that it's time to give up and go back home. Indeed, some have already done so. Many find themselves alone, finding solace in the only place that feels like home. Nature. Here they find love, beauty, balance, cooperation, unity and a cosmic rhythm they can attune to. Many feel like they've failed in their mission, but such is always the dark night just before the dawning of a new day or a new world.
But, all has not been for nothing. There is always a Divine plan. All that the earth angel has suffered eases now as you learn to shine your Light. You had to know aloneness, illness, poverty, and/or emotional pain. You asked for this, you begged for it! You wanted to FEEL, but more than anything, you wanted your soul to evolve. With your mission to teach what you remember, the only way to remember was to know the opposite, to know separation. You are the most courageous and strongest of souls to carry out such a mission.
And now it is time for the calling. Calling all angels. Call to your soul brothers and sisters. Call from your heart, and like a sonar wave your call will reverberate around the globe. Find each other now. Put out the call. The time for aloneness and suffering has ended. You now understand what the contrast was for. It is time for a world gone mad to receive your message, one that you are now more than qualified to deliver. Calling all angels. Your strength in numbers is now required. Gather in your groups. Build your communities. Form your partnerships. Two or more is all that is required. Know that you cannot teach in isolation. Earth angels, your others are waiting. Call to them. Calling all angels. Use it as a mantra. This is a divine prayer to draw together in greater numbers those who gave up their wings for feet. You are the builders and teachers of the new world. School is out. And the meek shall inherit the earth.
(December 2010 — What is happening now is that all of humanity is waking up and starting to remember their Light bodies. What joy! And yet, all this Light is creating havoc, fear, and suffering for those who do not understand the transformation taking place. They are not understanding how the influx of Light stirs up the dark to be transmuted. Hence the need, the dire need, for simple kindness, a reassuring smile, a comforting touch, some loving words, a helping hand. These simple acts create the energy of joy in both the giver and the receiver. With one small act of kindness at a time — big change happens — and it happens because you took responsibility and created it.)

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  1. Karolina, it is so beautiful <3 thank you for your manifestation :))

    Do you know, there is a Global meditation this thursday ? I have wrote to Karolina and Michalina about it in FB :))

    I hope to see you again some day <3
    Hanne from Nuuk :)

  2. That is what I know and remember. Whole the description is so accurate to what I am. The question in my head all the time, why I'm here, what do I need to do. And the point, that actually no one is listening, because people don't understand plus they are too busy with other stuff then acknowledge the truth. Do you know what to do? You can write to me on Skype safi_online1.

  3. Anonymous3/6/15 12:35

    so loving so beautiful. thank you

  4. I love your work.. . Found it on Pinterest. Peace.
    Much love!

  5. Anonymous21/7/16 21:40

    Thank you. Peace and love to you all

  6. Anonymous31/8/16 17:29

    lovely..i am grateful and thankful to you for delivering this message. love and light to you.

  7. Grateful - Namaste ..

    I was looking for the meaning of 55555 - that number came up on my odometer while I was driving and thought, waaay tooo significant.. then I found you, while I was looking for answer :-)

    Every word you wrote in 2011 is just as relevant today.

    Many thanks again dear Karolina


    1. Anonymous9/10/17 00:44

      Me as well 55555...thank you

  8. I look at the clock on my computer at work today, it was 5h:55min:55sec
    I thought it had to mean something, I had been asking strongly for guidance and help and this got my eyes wet.

  9. Ive always known I had knowledge others were missing and in my attempts to pass it on... I've been called crazy. I realize its because I wasn't yet prepared to deliver it. And as stated above spent time in nature and isolation. Its the only home I've ever known. Now im seeing a barrage of number patterns and the more i doubt that....the more I see

    I would love to talk with a similar mind. Olivialoewen@gmail.Com